Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How can I contact support?
A:  You can email us at

Q:  How long will the promotion run for?
A:  The competition will begin at 12:01am on 12 March 2015 and will continue until 11:59pm on the 7th April 2015.


Q:  What is the eligibility criteria?
A:  To be a winner in this promotion, you must be a New Zealand resident and you and your close relatives or housemates cannot work for J.H. Whittaker & Sons Ltd or any of its suppliers.


Q:  How do I earn points?
A:  You can earn points by entering the competition.

Q:  How do I enter the competition?
A:  By downloading The Whittaker's Big Egg Hunt Competition application (Application) and collecting points by finding, or sharing, eggs in the hunt via the Application between 12:01am on 12 March 2015 and 11:59pm on the 7th April 2014.

Q:  How do I collect an Egg?
A:  You can collect an Egg in two ways: 1) by having Bluetooth turned on and being in the immediate proximity of an Egg or 2) by pressing the ‘Collect an Egg’ button or Egg icon (located in the top right hand corner) in the App. 


Q: How do I turn Bluetooth on?
A: If you are using an iOS device (e.g. an iPhone), check out this guide: If you are using an Android device, see this guide:


Q:  What do points mean?
A:  Every point is worth one entry into the competition. Points earned through the application add to your leaderboard score that determines winners in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch (Points Winners). Every point also counts towards entries into the draw to win the Ultimate Prize, 1 of 4 unique gold Whittaker’s Wabbit necklaces handcrafted by Partridge Jewellers.



Q:  How is the Ultimate Prize drawn?
A:  The Ultimate Prize is determined by a random draw of all the entries.


Q:  I won a spot prize, where can I redeem it?
A:  When you win a spot prize you will be asked to enter your mailing address in the App (on the 'My Achievements' page).  You can win multiple spot prizes and you will only ever need to enter your mailing address once. 
The promoter will deliver your prize to you directly within a reasonable period of time.  


Q:  What determines the point value of each Egg?
A:  There are 1896 points allotted to each city (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) as well as 250 bonus points for collection of the roaming egg. Every Egg is worth a certain number of points depending on a certain criteria. You can view each Egg and it's point value on the My Eggs & Points page in the App.